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Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$275

Road Fit

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:$175

Tri Fit

. Duration:2 hrs 30 mins··. Price:$350

Shoe/Cleat Fitting

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$30

Pressure Scanning, Mapping, and Analysis Session

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$100


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5 reviews
  • Jerry Avalos·

    Henry from FSB dialed me in and I came out with a much more comfortable bicycle. He was courteous and professional and went out of his way to be helpful and answer all my questions. I highly recommend FSB for bike fits.

  • Susana·

    Fitting my bike in FSB was very positive.
    And It takes close by one hour.
    If there is something you feel that could be modify there are 30 days to ask for it.
    Thank you Henry for your work in my bike!

  • Jeff·

    Bike fit went very well. My pedaling smoother and my shoulders and neck feel better too. Can't wait to get more miles in.

  • Robbie·

    Getting a proper bike fit has been an absolute game changer for me. No more guessing and multiple attempts of trial and error, aches and pains, and wasted time. FSB got me squared away so quickly and effectively. I feel so much more comfortable in the saddle and I know I owe it all to them!

  • Julia B·

    I am so happy with my bike fit! Actually this is my 3rd bike fit for 2 different bikes. I am having knee problems as I get older and getting your bike properly fit really makes a huge difference. I highly recommend it! He also gives you helpful tips and goes out of his way to make sure that you are comfortable in the saddle.

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